Silly question

    • Silly question


      Silly question - I notice on the forecast that the temperature for friday 10th suggests 'feels like 21°' and the freezing level is 3753m, how does this effect the snow? I know it's been a while since I was at school but I've always been under the illusion that snow turns to water above 0°...

      We arrive on the 18th and as fond as I am of watersports I'm not sure my snowboard will double up as a wake board... :)
    • Hi Matt,

      Thanks for your message,

      I have rechecked the snow forecast as 21 degrees is quiet hot, and on Friday the maximum temperature will be 12 degrees which is warm but it is not enough to melt the 220cm of snow that Vallnord has on the slopes.

      On warm days the snow is usually in better condition during the morning as it is colder and it gets heavier at the end of the day, but it is still skiable.

      However, if you are arriving on the 18th you shouldn't worry as the weather changes every day, as you can observe on the forecast on Sunday the cold is back to Arinsal with temperatures feeling -17 degrees and snowfall at night so the conditions can vary a lot until the 18th.

      So maybe you will need to leave your wake board at home!

      If you need more detailed information about the conditions on resort you can read our snow reports here.

      Kind regards,