Driving from Girona

    • Hi Jjmetcalfe,

      You have many options to go from Girona to Arinsal.

      For one of these (the cheapest one), you need to take from Girona the road C-25 to Manresa, the C-55 to Solsona, the C-26 and C-14 to Oliana and to La Seu d'Urgell and the N-145 to Andorra. When you are in Andorra it's easier, you have to follow the indicators in the road to Andorra la Vella after to La Massana and for finish to Arinsal.

      I hope this info helps!

    • Good info Paul - however it is worth bearing in mind that this route takes you via the Cadi Tunel which will cost you in the region of €11-€13 each way (not quite sure if they have updated the price this year or not).

      After having a chat with Anna (above) who used to drive this route regularly (being an Andorran studying in Girona) the difference in driving between the two routes is approx 15 - 20 mins and the roads on the first route although a little longer are probably a bit better to drive on.

      Emma :)
    • No worries - what I liked about the site above was it showed you photos of which signs to follow, couldn't be easier! :)
      We always have a car-full, so the Cadi tunnel fee doesn't seem so bad split 4-5 ways.
      Don't get busted speeding in the tunnel 'tho, 100 Euro fine last year which was more of a hole in the pockets!!
    • We used the route suggested by Anna and it was really easy and would recommend.
      The roads on the whole where very good and the scenery was beautiful. We did not rush the journey and with a short stop for a snack it took us about 4 hours. There are a lot of road works between Girona and Manresa, which I expect when complete with speed up the journey time.