Travelling between Arinsal and El Tarter

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    • Travelling between Arinsal and El Tarter


      I am going skiing with some friends for a week from boxing day. We will be staying in Arinsal. I have some more friends staying in E Tarter and was wonder if anyone new the best way to travel between the two? We wont be skiing together, I am just thinking about spending the evenings together, particually NYE.

      Any prices or times would be great!


    • Hi Nicola,

      The options would be as follows:

      Bus: Catch the L5 bus from Arinsal to Andorra la Vella (€2.75 per person each way runs every 30 mins) where you would need to change onto either the L3 or L4 bus both of which pass through El Tarter (€4.10 per person each way every 20-30 mins). You would however need to check if this applies on New Years Eve as I'm sure there may be some changes to the bus schedules at this time, ususally the buses run until 21:00-22:00 (depending on the line) at night but again may be subject to change on New Years Eve. I would envisage this journey would take you around an hour depending on the connections.

      Taxi: A taxi would cost approx €40 each way (there are no taxis in Arinsal, you would need to call one which would come up from Andorra la Vella), again there may be extra supplements for New Years Eve.

      Car Hire: We can arrange car hire for you, if this is an option that may be of interest just send us a message via our contact form: and I can send you further details and prices.

      Hope this helps,