Skiing Today

    • Had some really good runs this morning enjoying the fresh snow - the wind was quite gusty whilst I was up but apparently it died down in the afternoon. There's about 5cm of new snow and we had gorgeous blue sky and sunshine which was fantastic, and more snow forecast in the next few days :thumbsup:
    • Arcalis.... one of my favourite places in the world, especially last Wednesday, it was my day off and the day started bright eyed catching the 8.30 bus to Arcalis. What made it so special??? One word POWDER .....woop woop. :)

      We had blue sky, sunshine and fresh fresh tracks, AMAZING, definitely worth the early morning start.... Who needs a layin when you get the opportunity to put fresh lines down an untouched run, not me hehe, perhaps a sneaky afternoon nap instead. :sleeping:
    • This week I have had 2 of the best days of the season on the mountain. Wednesday, after 2 days of snowfall was just the best for me in Arinsal! First lift up to get the fresh power! I was rocking it was amazing! Down the sides of the pistes where the basher had missed were perfect. I was boarding and could not get enough :D

      After a couple of hours and a quick drink stop we traversed along the side of the Capa repeatedly to get fresh tracks down the bottom half. :thumbsup:

      Thursday the day was spent over in Pal. Not so much powder left at this point but the groomed pistes were in top condition. The slopes were a little quieter there than in Arinsal too. We took a picnic and dined at the sides of the slopes in the sun before heading back for some Apres ski drinks in my favourite bars ciscos, molis, el cau and quo! Oh thats nearly all of them.....well it’s hard to choose just one!

    • After our near full week of snowfall the slopes are all fully packed with snow and the piste bashers are doing a great job of looking after the slopes keeping them in top condition for the Arinsal skiing we love.
      Best thing about it is now that the weather is ace. Lovely sunny skies and warm weather to be outside enjoying the beautiful surroundings that is Andorra :love:
    • heading to arinsal sunday. really looking forward to it especially after reading all the great things people have said about it on this site. was skiing 12 years ago so hopefully i'll be able to find my ski legs again, ha. I have ski school booked so that should be fun ;)
    • Today was AWESOME.... probably one of favourite days on the mountain :) :) :)

      Over the past few days it hasn’t stopped snowing over 25cm has fallen on the mountain. Today we woke to clear blue sky, sunshine and powder!! My favourite run was coming down from The Capa, unfortunately the button lift isn’t open at the moment, but like so many others we traversed across, so so much fun, definitely Arinsal in PERRRFFFEEECCCTTTIIOONNN!! :P

      Check out my photos.... here’s the link.
    • It soon will be April and we still have great conditions :)

      The slopes are quiet now and we are totally enjoying having the whole mountain to enjoy. In the mornings the mountain is pisted beautifully with crisp flat pistes perfect for flying around on. After a morning coffee stop or actually nearer lunch time the slopes are warmed a little and are nice and soft. The lower areas where the beginers tend spend most time get a little chopped up a wet, perfect for hitting the kickers made around the snow cannons :thumbsup:

      The weather has been a mix of everything this week, sun, cloud, rain but generally when it's been warm the snow feels a little wet. I quite like it like that cos its nice and soft, though I do think i'll be getting my board waxed this week :tongue:

      We are going to be here until easter so anyone thinking of a late ski break, even if just a couple of days come and join us on the mountain there is plenty of room for all :thumbsup:
    • Spring has most definitely arrived, first thing in the morning it’s still a little fresh but by mid day the layers are off, personally i’ve started skiing in just a t-shirt and my jacket. If you have a backpack it’s definitely a good idea to carry extra layers the temperatures can change very quickly and being on the mountain freezing cold is not pleasant!!

      My favourite time is first thing in the morning... the slopes are empty and with beautiful corduroy lines, I love being the first person to put the first shape down the slope. By lunchtime the slopes have warmed, in high traffic areas it can be a little chopped up, creating perfect trick landing terrain. :)
    • Was I on the first lift this morning??? Yes I was!!! I didn't see anyone for the first 2 runs at all.....amazing!

      The pistes were groomed and crisp first thing and as the morning sun warmed up so did the slopes a little to soften them, I really enjoyed it then. Skiing the empty slopes with just a T-shirt and hoody on in the beautiful weather was lovely. Lasted until hungry time then had outdoor terrace lunch with a glass of white wine :wacko:

      Really nice spring day topped off with a red face and strap marks 8)
    • I’ve just got back from a lovely morning skiing in Pal, first thing this morning the runs where hard packed and a little icy in places. Within a few hours the runs had softened to spring conditions and they were a lot of fun, especially under the bright blue sky and sunshine :)

      Over the next few days the temperatures are forecast to drop and a sprinkling of a few centimetres is due to fall over the next coming week. The first snow is due tomorrow, perhaps time to pack an extra layer just in case!!