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  • Ski lessons 4 year old end of season


    Hi Jeni,

    Thanks for the info. Do I have to phone or can you give me an email address to contact the Snow Garden?

  • Hi Jenny,

    Thanks for your message.

    If it is the first time your 4 year old has skiied, he would usually start in the Snow Garden to gain confidence, rather than the weekend lessons. The Snow Garden would still be open until the end of the season, the same as the slopes

    You can find prices, timings and lots more infomation on young skiiers on the following link;

    Let us know if you have any other questions at all!

  • Ski lessons 4 year old end of season


    We are thinking of booking a ski holiday at the beginning of April. We are looking at being in Arinsal from Sat 4 to Wed 8. When I looked at booking ski lessons for my 4 year old it doesn't seem to be possible. I know from reading a previous thread that weekend lessons are only for 6+, is this also the same midweek as it is end of season? Would the Snow Garden be available on those dates?
    Thanks! :)