International 4 day ski school

    • International 4 day ski school


      Currently have 3 days lessons booked in Arinsal, however staying in La Massana. Lessons are for first thing in the morning so wondering how easy it is to get to Arinsal and back, particularly if weather was to take a turn for the worse?

      Secondly, we have an option of changing to the 4 day group lessons in Pal, which from a location perspective seems a better option, but we are told this is a multi language lesson and could be confusing for the young kids?

      Would appreciate some thoughts from anyone with experience on the 4 day lessons in particular.

    • Good morning, and thanks for your post.

      The first free bus from La Massana to Arinsal is at 8.15 in the morning and it takes around 15 minutes to get there. There is also a paying public bus too, so you have some options. The buses run even in bad weather here in Andorra!

      You are right, the international lessons are taught in muliple lanugauges which can include Spanish, Catalan and French.

      Best wishes