Lift passes for non skier

    • Lift passes for non skier

      Hi folks,
      We are coming out on 01/03/20 for a week. My partner isn't going to ski on this trip so I don't know if a full lift pass is required . Is she better to buy daily tickets to the plateau above Arinsal and maybe the odd trip to Pal or is she better to buy the €178 6 day pass.
      Many thanks.
    • Lift passes for non skier

      Ii Olivia ,
      Thanks for your reply. Can you tell me what the return tickets cost and as we haven't tried this before is it possible for someone without skis to get from the top of Arinsal to Pal using the lift.
    • Hi Bryan,

      Sorry by one-way I meant a daily pass, so those are the prices for a daily return pass. This pass will not give you access to any of the chairlifts so you wouldn't be able to get from Arinsal to Pal via the chairlifts and cable cart. However there are frequent buses that run from Arinsal to La Massana so that your partner can decide to either go up to the Arinsal gondola base station or Pal gondola base station. There are plenty of restaurants in both stations to enjoy and you will have a great view of the nursery slopes.

      Many thanks,
    • Hi Olivia,
      Thanks for your reply. That's made things easier. I will be going online today to sort my own lift pass and skis with yourselves. We are staying in the Patagonia so we can sort things out in the ski shop there. Arriving Sunday 1st March. Hopefully some snow before then. Thanks.

    • Non Skier lift pass

      Thanks for the info on the lift pass, my husband doesn't ski. Is there a bus from Arinsal to the top of the gondola and also one from Arinsal to Pal? We are arriving on Sunday too, looks like snow all week!
    • Hi Lola,

      THe're no bus to the base of the mountain no, but you can purchase a gondola only pass when you arrive so your husband can go up on the mountain too. There's a free bus to La Massana where you can also catch the gondola to Pal. Come and see us in our office on Sunday evening for a copy of the bus timetable from 18.00-20.00. We're always here to help!