Travelling with kids - car seat

    • Travelling with kids - car seat

      We are travelling with a 4 year old and an 18 month old.
      Are there car seats available for children?
      If we bring a car seat with us for the 18 month old, are there seat belts on the coach to secure it?
    • Good morning,

      Thanks for your message and I have asked our supplier directly for the information for you, and this is their advice;

      The coach does not have the security positions of the 3 points of subjection for childseats. The coach has two points of contact for the seatbelt.
      You will not be able to travel with a baby seat, you should travel with the baby in arms and the 4 years old child in the seat.

      I hope this information helps,

    • Hi,

      If you pay for a child's seat rather than classify your son as an infant, then your 4 year old will be able to have his own seat. However unfortunately as stated before there aren't any car seats allowed. If you feel comfortable driving yourself to resort, then there are lots of car hire places based in Barcelona airport too!

      Many thanks,