Lessons when arriving in resort on a Tuesday

    • Lessons when arriving in resort on a Tuesday

      We're bringing our 10 and 12 year old's on their first ski holiday in Feb half term. We arrive in report on the Monday, so first day on the slopes will be the Tuesday. The ski lessons all run from a Monday.

      1) Is there anything we can do about them missing the first day's lesson - can we get it for a reduced rate or have extra hours at the end? 2) Will it be problematic them joining a day late? They have had lessons on dry slopes and can both use a button lift and snow plough/stop reasonably ok. Plus they're both keen sportsmen, well coordinated and follow instruction well.
      3) Will they be in the same lesson? One part of the website says children's lessons are 6-15 years, but somewhere else it says children's lessons end at 11 years.

      Thanks in advance for the advice! Really looking forwards to coming.

      Rhi x
    • HI Rhi,
      Thanks for your post,

      Generally it's not possible for anyone to join into group lessons on the Tuesday at half term week due to it being so so busy. If they were to allow it as a special exception, it would be the afternoon timetable and ski school would need to directly authorise it. It isn't something we could make a decision on. There wouldn't be a reduced rate or extra hours as the spots would have to be paid from Monday to reserve the places.

      The prices for the children's lessons are from 6-15 but generally from about 11/12 they join the adult classes due to height and build, but in half term week there is normally teenage groups as there are so many people of that age.

      Hope this helps, don't be afraid to contact us if you have anymore questions,