La Massana Festival during February Half Term

    • La Massana Festival during February Half Term


      We have been to Arinsal to ski for the last 7 February half terms, leaving on a Friday to catch our flight in the evening from Barcelona Airport. The last two years we have been stopped from travelling through La Massana at around 11.30, as there is a festival happening and the road is closed. Last year, we had to take a detour along a very winding road with lots of coaches and lorries. Would anyone know if this festival is taking place again this Feb half term (Friday 21st February) and if so, will the road be closed and for how long? I am not the best traveller so making our journey back to Barcelona is always a bit stressful so want to alleviate this stress with forward planning as much as possible.

      Many thanks. :D
    • Hi Victoria,

      Thanks for your post - It's sounds like you have been caught up in the Carnival procession and been diverted through Anyos (I've had it happen to me too in the past)

      2019 programme
      Friday, 22 February
      11:00 a.m. Children’s grand parade organised by all the schools in La Massana. Departure from Plaça de l’Església and parade through the town’s streets.

      There is no information out about 2020 yet but it's more than likely that the program will be the same. I'd say the road will be claosed from about 10:45 to 12:15 (although this is just an educated guess).

      It would be best to plan to pass through La Massana early to avoid it.

      Hope this helps, Ian