Multi date lift passes

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    • Multi date lift passes


      I appreciate that the lift passes for 2019/20 are not yet on sale but I was wondering if it is possible to obtain a lift pass that covers 2 planned hols in advance and whether it would work out cheaper than purchasing 2 separate lift passes.

      We are visiting Arinsal for 4 days skiing at the end of Jan 2020 and again for 3 days ski at beginning of April could we purchase one pass in advance which covers both trips?

      Hope this makes sense :D :D

    • Hi Neil,

      Fresh off the press - just a few days ago we added a new pass called 'Ski the North'. It covers 6 days and allows you to ski Pal-Arinsal for 4 days and Ordino-Arcalis for 2 days. You don't need to pre-select your days and they don't need to be consecutive - this is exclusive to us at the moment.

      If you have any questions about the pass then let me know, otherwise you can find it here

      Many thanks, Ian
    • Good afternoon, tell me, please, can my husband and I ride one ski pass (for 5 days) on account: 1 day husband, one day Me? or a ski pass and a face photo is fixed and we need to buy 2 separate ski passes? we are going with a small child and someone should always Care
    • Hi Iana,

      Thanks for your query.

      Unfortunately, Andorra doesn't offer shared lift passes so you would need to buy one lift pass per person, one that lasts 5 days for your husband, one that lasts one day for yourself on the date of your choosing and then a third for your child.

      How old is your child? Would they be interested in attending our ski school, meaning they will always be in care of one of our professional ski instuctors whilst learning how to ski?

      You can email this address for more information and we will happily book any extras for you:
      Or if you would like to book lift passes or ski school directly through the website you can do so via this page

      I hope that helps!

      Many thanks,