Toulouse to Arinsal

    • Toulouse to Arinsal

      I've hired a 9 seater to travel from Toulouse to Arinsal on Feb 17th 2019. I've booked snow chains, however not sure if i'll have winter tires or not. Google maps suggests a route that takes 2hr47, travelling on the A61, A66, N22/320. It suggests N22/320 can be closed at certain times or on certain days. Can anyone comment on this route, I've read some of the roads are quite steep, i'm a competent driver & have driven in Alps may time, but would prefer not to have a nightmare/dangerous drive. Also, is there anywhere I can find out when N22/320 is/maybe closed? Looking forward to getting on the slopes, very excited at the recent snow fall!! Thanks
    • Toulouse to Arinsal

      Thanks for the link. If the road is open from pas de la Casa, is it worth driving, or would you go down into Spain and up through La Seu d’urgell? Driving into Spain seems to add time to journey according to google maps, but is that a false economy, as other route is slow due to queues/bad road conditions?
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      If the conditions are good and the road is open I would always recommend you to take the road from Pas de La Casa. It can be queues in both on the French or on the Spanish route so it doesn't make a big difference. However, driving into Spain is much longer, that's why we would only recommend it if there is no other option.

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