Lessons for beginner and advanced beginner

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    • Lessons for beginner and advanced beginner


      I am looking to come to Arinsal around mid March. I am happy going down easy blues and my partner has never skied before. If we were to book one 3 day advanced group lesson and one 5 day beginner lesson is it okay to drop out of the last 2 days of the 5 if progress has improved so we could ski together. Also would the 3 day course usually be on in the AM in March or would it be too busy as I can only select PM? Finally are the group lessons exclusively in Arinsal or do the instructors take the groups over to Pal for some lessons on the later days?

    • Hi Jim,

      Thanks for your message,

      Unfortunately, if you book 5 days lesson, in the case that you want to drop out of the last 2 days you won't get any refund as the lessons have already started.

      If you already know that you would only like to take 3 days lesson you can book them here.

      The morning schedule is only available for 5 days lessons, that's why when booking 3 or 4 day lesson you can only select PM schedule.

      Please, let me know if you have any other question,

      Kind regards,
    • Hi Esther,

      Thanks for the reply. I wasn't expecting a refund although just wanted to be sure it wasn't seen as being rude to drop out of the last two days, Its such good value for the 5 days anyway! Do you know if the lessons stay in Arinsal all week or do the instructors take the groups to the other resorts (Pal, Arcalis)? Also if I book advanced beginner but the instructor thinks I should be in the intermediate class is it easy to switch?

    • Hi Jim,

      If you decide to leave the lesson after your 3rd day it should be fine if you tell the instructor in advance.

      The lessons always start in Arinsal, as the meeting point is always near the ski school, however, if the group level is good sometimes instructors take their groups to Pal which is connected from Arinsal by a cable car. However, the instructors will never take you to Arcalís as it is 30 minutes drive by Arinsal and it will be very complicated for all the group to get there. However, if you want to take lessons in Arcalís they have their own school.

      If you book advance beginner but you are not sure if is your level you should talk with the instructors while making the groups and they will put you on the correct group. I would recommend you maybe to go to Intermediate group as they will do a ski off all together and they will split the groups depending on the skill of that run, so you will be in the most accurate group. It is just a case of talking with the instructors about your level so they can fit you in the best group for you.

      Please, let me know if you have any other question,

      Kind regards,