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      We are hoping to come to Arinsal in 2019 (I know, we are somewhat ahead of ourselves :D )
      We will be coming with our two children who will be 5 and 10, so as beginners, they will attend ski school (mornings) for the week.
      However, for my wife and I, what with settling the children, we don't really want to have lessons as we are sufficiently experienced, however, it would be good to know if there is some sort of free guiding service, such as 'Ski Friends' or similar. In other (predominantly N American) resorts, we have found this invaluable as you get to ski on the best and quietest pistes without having to follow a piste map. Guides tend to be in touch with the pisteurs and instructors who will all give an instant update on conditions, and make recommendations. We have also found it a great way to meet other skiers.
      Does such a thing exist in Arinsal, whether free or paid please?
      Many thanks in advance.
    • Hi Rik,

      Thanks for your post.

      Funny you should mention it as something has just been introduced this year called 'Ambassadors'. They are a group of mainly ex-pats who are very passionate about the ski area and will show people round free-of-charge. They are all extremely knowledgable about the mountain and local area.

      They are subject to availability, but can be booked through the Vallnord sales office.

      Hopefully this would be of some use to you!