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      To whom it may concern,
      My name is Logan Mclean and I'm a CASI level 1 qualified instructor and I am interested in completing the higher levels to become as qualified as I can. I'm on the lookout for any instructor jobs based in Andorra. I am able to speak a small amount of Spanish, however I am not fluent. I enjoy working with people and young children. I have previously completed work experience in my local primary school looking after a Primary 3 class. I am currently working for the National Trust as a Visitor Experience Ranger. I meet and talk people of all ages from all around the world. I am good at communicating both verbally and non-verbally with people. If anyone knows how to go about about getting an application as an instructor please let me know.
      Cheers in advance, Logan Mclean
    • Hello!

      Further to your enquiry on our forum. The contact details for the main ski schools in Andorra are as follows:

      Soldeu & El Tarter:
      Pas de la Casa:

      When applying to a school, as well as giving your qualifications and experience, it's best to explain why you want to work at their particular school and not just a generic email you send to everybody. Ski schools receive a huge number of applications so you need to make sure yours stands out.

      Good Luck!
      You can keep in touch with Andorra Resorts at