Getting from La Massana to Arinsal for ski school

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    • Getting from La Massana to Arinsal for ski school


      We've booked to stay in La Massana in February 2018 but ski school meets in Arinsal. We didn't appreciate this when we booked our holiday. I can't seem to find information about getting from La Massana to Arinsal by bus. There seems to be a bus between the two that is free with your lift pass. But from what I can find out, it looks like there is only one bus in the morning (at 8.15am). If this is correct, what happens if the bus is full or you miss it? And what times does the bus come back from Arinsal to La Massana after a days skiing? There also seems to be a 'regular' bus that you can pay to use (but may have to take your ski boots off) but I can't find times for this either.


    • Hi Ceri,

      I have attached the schedule of the Free ski bus from last year, we won't know this year's until the beginning of the season but we don't think it will be much different.
      The bus starts from La Massana so it wouldn't be full getting to Arinsal, but it could be busy getting back especially at peak times.

      The L5 public bus is €1.80 per person (2016/17 prices), there is no physical timetable for this but it runs every 30 mins from 8am to 8pm.

      Thanks, Ian
    • Hi Ian,

      Many thanks for the information. We've managed to move to a hotel in Arinsal itself as it was going to be too challenging with a 5 year old to get into Arinsal in time for ski lessons.

      With kind regards,