Horizon Festival

    • Horizon Festival

      Hi We are staying in Arinsal from Sunday, 26th March for 7 nights and didn't realise the Horizon Festival is also on this week in Arinsal, will it be much busier in Arinsal on the slopes and also in the restaurants and bars? Thanks
    • Hi Rachel,

      Thanks for your message,

      Usuallty the end of March is very quiet as it is nearly the end of the season and the majority of the skiers are already thinking on good weather and beach for their holidays.

      However, as you said from March 26th-April 2nd it will take place the Horizon Festival, which will lead to an increase in people in resort. It is the first time that this festival is celebrated in Arinsal, as last year was in Bulgaria so it is complicated to predict yet the attendance.

      Also, the festival will be celebrated on the evenings and in certain locations so the mornings should be quieter and other locations shouldn't be as crowded as the majority of the people will be in the festival venues.

      Please, let me know if you have any other question,
      Kind regards,
    • Horizon Festival

      Thanks Esther, do you know yet which venues will be used in Arinsal for the Horizon Festival i.e. Quo Vardis, Surf Steak Restaurant? As these have been favourites of ours when we have visited in other years? Hoping we won't have to pay to visit bars, restaurants etc whilst out in the evening? Heard about the Horizon Festival by mistake yesterday, not happy really that our Holiday Company hadn't mentioned the festival to us, as we would have preferred a quiet week, think we will need to pack ear protectors!!!