Ribasol apartments

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    • Ribasol apartments

      Could anyone please give any information about location of Ribasol apartments. They are new and do not appear on any maps.

      Are they easy to find and how are they an easy walk to main gondola?

    • Hi Simon

      I just added them to our map here (if you can't see them just refresh your page) - they're towards the top of the village, just a bit further up past the Xalet Verdu.

      The building has an entrance on the top floor which is right by the six-man chair lift which comes out at the same place as the gondola. If you did want to walk to the gondola instead then it's only a 5-6 minute walk.

    • Ribasol apartments

      Thanks Steve. Have you heard any comments about them from people who have stayed there?

      Seem nice, but lots of people reviewing talk about having to collect keys in Masanna and there being no reception on site? I am also wondering is there a lot of climbing up stairs if you get put in one of the back blocks?
    • shared transfer drop off point

      Evening Steve

      We have booked Ribasol and are now looking to book shared transfer. On the drop down menu for drop off point the Ribasol does not show. Shall I just select the closest hotel which in this case looks to be the Crest?


    • I stayed at Ribasol last year. Depending on what time you arrive keys can be left in safety box at Ribasol for your arrival to allow access to room. Later that day or following morning, you still then need to go to La Massana to sort paperwork and payment. This is a bit of a pain and I got bus there and taxi back.
    • Hi rojdag

      With shared transfers the bus wouldn't wait for you, but you can be dropped in La Massana. For the departure, again you wouldn't be able to drop the keys with the bus waiting; if you need to drop the keys you'd need to make your own way to La Massana and we can organise for you to be picked up there.

      With private transfers it's no problem to wait for you, we'd just need to know in advance so we can pet the driver know.


      Ribasol 2 bed apartment 3301 BEWARE

      This was our first visit to Arinsal which is a really beautiful little town. We were really unfortunate with the accommodation however!

      Worst of all, and most importantly, we had a very serious THEFT at the apartment. We were out for 6 hours and during that time someone WITH A KEY gained entry and stole our two very valuable watches, a necklace and some earrings. Yet left everything else and no mess. There was absolutely NO sign of a break in. As there is literally only a few rooms in our block occupied someone knew there were valuables in the apartment and targeted it whilst we were out. The apartment was not cleaned at all so it was not a maid.

      Yet when contacting the 'office', as there is literally no one on site to help if you have any issues, we were told that they couldn't do anything for us and we should call the police. Not even a "oh my goodness, that's never happened here before" or a "we are so sorry to hear that, please come to the office and we will help you report this to the police." It was very abrupt and pretty unbelievable and dare I say suspicious.

      We were then left to report the theft to the local police station where literally NO ONE speaks English and were told it would be investigated.

      Simply take our advice and DO NOT STAY in this place. There are much better places in terms of access and security. The whole experience is very bizarre. We were told by the office when we reported the theft that "it was nothing to do with them, anyone could have a key to the apartment as they can be copied". Isn't that exactly what you want to hear when your looking to book a holiday for your young family?!

      Sadly we thought by paying quite a bit more for accommodation (two bed family apt) that we'd at least be secure (no safe box in the room!) and wouldn't have to get multiple lifts to our room after a busy day skiing. The customer service is awful. Totally unhelpful and a dreadful start to the new year.

      The apartment is actually a managed let through MyAndorraHolidays.com and sub-managed by CISA SERVEI (a team of 4).

      Regarding the actual apartment -

      Upon arrival we had to go to another location (8 minutes drive away) to get the keys after finally finding somewhere to park the car.

      We were then met at the apartments by a man who was sent there to show us the way to our room, as the place is such a maze and we were told that we wouldn't be able to find the room on our own!

      The trek to the room is absolutely ridiculous. We had to get three separate lifts and walk through multiple corridors which were completely uninhabited as it appears only a few rooms are in use through the whole half finished apartments! The light switches in the corridors are on timers so by the time you reach each lift you are in pitch black! Terrifying for our young children and certainly not something you feel comfortable doing alone at night!

      The apartment was missing wine glasses and a chopping board and even a tea towel would have been good in a 'self catering place'. There was also no hairdryer, despite advertising this. When asking for one to be delivered, it was promised by 2pm the following day yet still hadn't arrived by 8pm on New Year's Eve when we were due to go out. When it was finally brought to the door it was the oldest hairdryer I'd ever seen.

      PLEASE don't go near this company or apartment. It's not safe. We have stayed in so many places and this has never happened before. We wouldn't want anyone to go through the same.