Considering Arinsal for 2017

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    • Considering Arinsal for 2017

      Hi guys,

      So glad I found this site.

      Unfortunately, I've not been able to book for this year as me and the Mrs has just had our second child (I couldn't convince her to go regardless ;( ) however I'm already looking at what is available for next year. We have friends who are keen on doing Arinsal for next season, so wanting to ask the guys in the know a few questions if that's possible as its an area I've not been before and haven't really considered.

      • What time of year is the best to head out (from a little research it appears Feb/March time)?
      • Is it any good for boarders?
      • How testing is it, i.e. I would class myself as a competent intermediate boarder, I don't want something that's too easy and where I'll get bored quickly;
      • What's the ski schools like? We've got a 5 (will be 6 when 2017 comes around), which we'd be interested in seeing if they're any good.
      • Cost of food / drink locally in restaurants
      • Is the après any good; shops etc. to keep the wife entertained if she wants a day off the slopes?
      Thanks for the help and any advice guys!

    • Hi Cotty

      Glad you like the site! Answers below...

      • February is the busiest time, but also can be the most expensive (half term), March is great because normally lots of snow plus a bit warmer.
      • Yes it's good for boarders, especially the park, plus some great places to ride between the slopes eg. down Les Marrades down to Hotel Crest. Arcalis is also well worth a visit (on the Vallnord lift pass) as they have awesome freeride areas.
      • Arinsal isn't hugely testing, it's ideal for beginners, but there are some challenging slopes plus as per above you can head to Arcalis but also Pal has more options, which is linked to Arinsal by cable car.
      • The ski school takes children from as young as four years for skiing group lessons (snowboarding is from 10 years).
      • Food and drink varies, depending on what you want - Arinsal has everything from burgers & pizzas to steaks, tex-mex, sushi and Chinese plus loads of other options catering for all budgets. Drinks are cheap too, pints from €3-5, but lots of happy hours/discounts too.
      • Apres ski is family friendly and lively, lots of live music, table football, pool, freebies, skiing videos etc. Not much on the shopping front though, but can take a bus into the city for excellent shopping (and good prices too).
      Hope this helps.