15/16 Season

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    • 15/16 Season

      I'm looking into coming out to Arinsal for the 15/16 season after 3 amazing holidays there.

      Can anyone give me any advice regarding getting accommodation and finding a job? And is there a chance that some jobs may provide accommodation for staff or am I being overly optimistic?

      Thanks :)
    • Hi Lou,

      If your looking at working for the various travel companies in Andorra the best way is to keep a check of jobs available is by visiting the following websites:-


      Jobs normally start being advertised around July/August for the following winter.

      If you're looking more to working in bars then it is best to contact the bars/restaurants via there Facebook profiles.

      As for accommodation there is an estate agents in the centre of town (opposite the main Gondola of Arinsal) who deal with seasonal rentals. Some employers will provide/assist with finding you somewhere to live for the season.

      We will be looking for new staff for winter 2015/2016 so feel free to contact us with a CV. You can contact us through our website:-


      I hope this helps and good luck!

      Steve M