4yr old - Ski School

    • 4yr old - Ski School

      Hi Steve,

      We are thinking of coming to Arinsal during the half term period (14th-21st feb). We have a 4 yr old boy, I took him to the dry ski slope here in the UK but I think we was not that confident to go (although he did get his boots and ski's on), and the instructor (in all fairness) wasnt particularly great with kids (this happens as some are good with adults, others with kids). I have a few questions if you dont mind answering them:

      1. Can he go in to Ski School from 4 yrs on? and will he be taught to ski?
      2. The other kids in the group - will they be roughly the same age (I think mixing him with much older kids he might find difficult)
      3, He might find it a struggle - if he doesnt like it are there other activities he can do during the morning session?
      4. My wife is also a beginner skier and taking lessons, are the lessons close by so that she can keep an eye on him?. I can also keep an eye from a distance to make sure he's settling in ok..
      5. I think his ski pass is free? - but will this include skiing for the area?

      Any advice/help greatly appreciated.
      Thanks Steve.
    • Hi Jake

      Yes the group lessons are from four years this year, and yes he'll be taught to ski, so will need rental equipment (not included). They will keep all the young ones together and the group sizes are smaller to make sure they are looked after.

      To begin with they'll be in the enclosed snow garden area, then if they don't like it they can either play in the snow or go indoors to play.

      Lesson placement depends on ability but the beginners area and snow garden are in the same place.

      Yes he'll have a free ski pass on production of his passport at the kiosk at the bottom of the gondola.

    • Thanks Steve!.
      Another question which might sound odd considering you confirmed my son can get a free lift pass. I assume he is allowed on the chairlift supervised by both parents? (even if he is 4 yrs old) - sorry if this sounds like a daft question, just not taken him skiing before.
    • Hi,

      We took our 2 year 4 month old with us last February. The shop had equipment for her and she just got away with the smallest pair of boots with an extra pair of socks on.

      She was allowed to go on the lifts with us. I left my poles in the car or hotel each day and used a harness to help when skiing. The harness was called a nippergrip. if you go on to youtube you can see a video of them. They have a website and I think it is a UK based company.

      We did not use the reins and held onto the back handle while she was skiing and could lift her up when she went wrong and control her speed and turns in front of me.

      Anyway enjoy your holiday.
      The best tip with the young ones is not to get them to do too much in a day. Keep calm and do everything at their pace even if it feels you are never going to get on the slopes. Make everything fun for them, including carrying their own skis.