Transfer From Barcelona to Arinsal

    • Transfer From Barcelona to Arinsal

      Flying into Barcelona 15th Feb and Monarch flight changed to arrive now at 20.05. From previous years knowledge aware the Novatel bus stop is manic with everyone trying to get on "the next / last bus". Timetable states "more transfers" with last one at 22.00. Do you have any more info and can we book to "guarantee" a certain bus after we have landed, to avoid the scrap that devolps outside! Last year we were front of the queue, with our confirmation /ticket in hand, awaiting for next bus (as previous 2 coachs were full) and were initially turned away as we hadn't got a nice little numbered coloured voucher as they were entitlked to board first......Where did they come from - No idea! Didn't seem to help as more people "hadn't got aforementioned vouchers" hence brawl to get on.
      Many thanks

      Can compare the carnage to getting on at Barcelona last year similar to trying to get on the 5.00 bus back from Arcalis to Arinsal first week of this year LOL. Maybe orderly queues are not a Spanish/Andorean favourite!!!
    • Hi Trevski

      This year there are seven buses daily rather than six last year, and the 22:00/22:15 is the last one of the day. If you book in advance then you're guaranteed seats on the service that you've booked.

      I've not heard about "coloured tickets" and I've checked with Novatel and they say that they didn't use any system like that before. When it's busy there's more than one bus per service (eg. last year at half term there were four coaches for every service) so it may be that you're on the 2nd/3rd/4th bus, depending on how they are split.

    • Transfer From Barcelona to Arinsal

      Thanks Jacquline - Did consider but as there is only 3 of us this trip its 658 private transfer rather than 220 Euros Novatal, so sadly cattle class/ fighting with the fellow tourists is not preferred but chosen option. 438 Euros nearly covers the lift passes LOL. Steve - Thanks for your info. Do you have any timetable for buses after 20.00 as states 22.00 as next. with statement "extra ones" are put on. Are there any inbetween we can book. Given our flight time/ getting through customs probably a 20.30 earliest so will miss the early one but have a long wate till 10 o/clock. Would love to confirm and book a 21.00ish coach which even if flight delayed a little should get.

      Many thanks - NB Looks like "the snow!" has finally arrived. Better late than never.........