Free Bus

    • Can someone please clarify the Free Bus system in the mornings for me. I waited at Erts for 8:35 for this so called 'free bus' to get to Archiles and as it turned round the corner at 8:47 I hailed it down but I was completely ignored.

      This is not the first time this has happened as fellow people in the apartments I'm staying in have also been blanked by these buses even when they aren't full.

      Am I doing something wrong or is the bus system as bad as I think it is?
    • Hi James.

      Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with the Vallnord free bus. The schedule is for two direct free buses per day from Arinsal/Erts departing at 08.30 and 10.30. You need to be waiting at the bus stop before the round a bout on the right had side of the road as your heading down the hill. If you were to miss one of the free buses (or it doesn't stop for you) you can jump on any L5 bus (approx every 25mins) and get off at the Gondola in La Massana (€1.80). You then walk across the road and follow the road sign to Ordino. The first bus stop on the right hand side of the road has two further free bus service at 10.45 and 12.15 from this bus stop. I have used this service regularly and not found a problem.

      Steve M