Lift Passes and ski guide

    • Lift Passes and ski guide


      wondered if anyone can help , first time skiing in Andorra ( been in the summer a few times) staying for 5 days over new year , been watching the web cams nervously for signs of snow now I can rest easy ! What advice for lift passes we are staying a bit away from the resort about 10 mins drive ( we are taking our car, ) , should we just come on the day we arrive to the gondola and buy on a day rate basis or book online ahead , are there any real financial savings ? any advice is welcome.

      Also where would be a safe reliable place to hire a guide just for a day maybe a bit of off piste guiding ( nothing metal ) just like to get off the tracks sometimes but in a safe way ?

      last question ... snow tyres ? what are the state of the roads /car parks usually , I have chains but have to change my UK tyres anyway for the winter would it be an idea to get some snow tyres anyway ? We usually ski the alps and the French roads are always clear so we only need chains but a mate said that Andorra can be more dodgy to drive in ?

      cant wait to get out any other information is most welcome ,

      cheers David
    • Hi David

      Lift passes are the same price pre-booked on when you arrive, just most people prefer to have them organised in advance. A five-day pass is cheaper than five individual passes, but also consider a non-consecutive pass (minimum four days) if you might have a day off from skiing.

      The only guiding is officially through the ski school, which we can organise for you in the form of a private instuctor here >>

      Generally the roads are fine and are cleared very quickly because otherwise mountain life would come to a halt - the mountains rely on getting people in and out all the time and for emergency services, so always big effort to have the roads open. The only exception to this is the route in from France by the French border because that road can be particularly be affected by snow and avalanche risk.

      When it snows heavily the police set up road blocks in affected areas and you can only pass if you have snow tyres (with snowflake mark) or with chains fitted. Snow/winter tyres are much better because it's not just snow but ice and cold weather, so winter tyres are much safer, although chains will come in handy obviously when it snows.

      Hope this helps!

    • Hi Steve

      thanks for the information on everything especially the tyres , I think I will just get winters !

      Ive been waiting since April to ski so will be out every day :) skiing !

      I will have a look at the ski school and be in touch shortly

      thanks again looking at the web cams daily