New Years Eve

    • New Years Eve


      Just wondering if people tend to wear 'Fancy Dress' on New Years Eve or even hit the slopes on New Years Eve/Day 8)

      Also we are a party of 14 Adults/Children, is it advisable to pre-book a restaurant for New Years Eve? Any recommendations of where to eat would be great :thumbsup:


    • Hi Debbie

      Yes lots of fancy dress around - one of the best fancy dress parties is at the Hotel/Restaurant Palarine - they do an all inclusive price for dinner, drinks and party - great night!! They're just out of the village though, so if you're wanting to stay in the village then most bars have a great party going on, in particular Quo Vadis and the Derby.

    • Thanks Steve

      Do you know on average price of a taxi/mini bus to and from Palarine? Also a contact to get prices for the New Year's Eve Party :)

      Do you recommend booking a restaurant in advance especially with being 14 of us?

      Thanks in advance :thumbup:
    • I'd definitely suggest booking for 14 people - the Palarine normally offer a free "taxi" service to take guests to/from the village, but you'd need to check they're still doing it on New Year's Eve. I know they've had a designated taxi driver for previous New Years as I've used it myself :whistling:

      They're phone number is +376 737393 (Graham is British so easy to speak to!) - please let them know you found out about it from :thumbup: