Bus transfer

    • Bus transfer

      we have a flight arriving into Barcelona T1 at 9.20 on the 14.2.15. The bus transfer leaves at 10.00am... In people's experience do you think we would make it?

      And if not can we just transfer onto the 12.00 bus..... What if it's full!?!?

      Is there any other options?

    • Hi Bectruck

      Normally 40 minutes would be just ok, so long as your flight is on time. Personally I've made it through in less but you can never be 100% sure, just make sure you're organised and aim to get to the luggage belt quickly! :thumbup:

      If you miss the bus you can take a later one but it's subject to availability, however as you're coming out at half term it is going to be very busy and most buses are full. You may be more relaxed booking the later bus so you have guaranteed seats on it, then if you make it through in time you can take the earlier bus, but then it's that one that's subject to availability.

      Hope this helps you decide, and just ask if you have any other questions.