Arcalis Directions from Arinsal

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    • Arcalis Directions from Arinsal

      Hello Guys,

      We are heading out on the 7th March until the 15th. Driving from Barcelona, so will have a car for the duration. We would like to make a couple of trips to Arcalis.

      I understand the drive should take around 45mins?? Could anyone kindly provide driving directions from the center of Arinsal? A link to google maps would be massively helpful! I'm assuming if it is signposted it should be fairly easy.

      Are the road conditions generally OK if there is a lot of snow on the route? We will purchase snow chains en route from the airport to be on the safe side, so will have them if required.

      Thanks in advance!
    • Hi

      Today Arcalis is closed as there is so much snow!!! 8o Always a good idea to have chains handy for big snow times.

      Best to always check when we have big snow if it's open before heading over or how much of it is open.
      For heading over there it's really very easy. From Arinsal you drive down to La Massana and there pick up the signs for Ordino. From Ordino the only place the road goes is Arcalis so there really no where you can take a wrong turn.

      Defo make a visit or 2 it's a great ski area.

      Hayley :)
    • Arcallis Directions

      Head down hill from Arinsal until you get to La Massana.
      Get in the left lane at the cable car roundabout (Hotel Magic Ski) and go left and head for Ordino.
      At the roundabout at Ordino (Metal cow on centre) Go left and you will see a Vallnord sign on the right of the road.
      Stay on this road all the way to Arcallis.

      Last week in half term holidays it only took 25 mins to drive. Although there was no snow what so ever on the roads.

      If you go to you can look at the traffic cameras to see the state of the roads and also see if roads are closed or not.