Car Hire from Barcelona Airport

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    • Car Hire from Barcelona Airport

      Hello All,

      I'm hoping
      you guys may be able to offer some advice from your past experience.

      4 of us are flying into Barcelona in March and our preference is to hire a car to travel to Arinsal. It seems at the moment more economical and to be honest easier in terms of lugging equipment around etc. Our flight arrives at 10 am so we are also hoping for the opportunity to stop off at a few locations on the way, just to see the sights.

      Anyway, the cost seems to be reasonable for a week hire however I am having issues finding a hire company who allow cross-border travel into Andorra (or who do but charge extorinate rates for the pleasure).

      As we will have a couple of snowboards with us also we want to be able to pick the car up from the terminal, rather than have to get any form of shuttle to the pick up location and will avoid rushing around returning the car.

      Can anyone reccomend any car hire companies/websites that you have used previoulsy with an on terminal pick up location?

      Really struggling to find any further information and it would be greatly appreciated!

      Thanks in Advance,

      Tricky :thumbsup:
    • Car hire from Barcelona

      Hi Tricky

      I've done this trip several times and have always used Centauro car hire. They are off site at Barcelona Airport, but the courtesy
      bus is frequent. No problem with travelling into Andorra,you'll just pay an additional charge when you pick
      the car up.
      Also try holiday autos. Look for the more expensive hires, these usually allow entry to Andorra.

      Good luck. Andy
    • Hi Tricky

      I've heard this a few times this season so maybe the car companies are starting to charge now, although I rented a car with Budget in November which was via Holiday Autos and there wasn't a charge to come to Andorra. If you go to Holiday Autos and as Andy says choose one of their on-airport cars but not the cheapest, then save a quote, and give them a call before you confirm the booking. They can tell you whether or not there's a fee to come across the border.

      This year I used Budget, but have previously had a car from Europcar and Atesa, and none of these have charged an extra fee.

    • I have used several car hire companies including holiday autos and Economy car Hire. I am arriving in February and I have used Holiday Autos this time.

      Normally we rent an estate car as they often allow room for skis and snowboards in the boot. Hertz allow cross border travel. Not sure if they charge or not. It used to be free. many car hire companies have started charging and the last time I booked with a charge it was €9 per day.

      With this charge for 8 days plus hire it can normally be got for about €200 for the week. so less than £50 per person. Also having a car you can drive to Arcalis and enjoy the slopes with less crowding.

      Also Driving from Barcelona, I find the best route is the one that includes the C14 road. See google maps for directions. Its is an easy drive and do not be put off by seeing C roads as they are fine. The route will also take you through Ponts which is a nice village/town to stop at.

      The E9 route is also good but does include a toll for the Tunel de Cadi

    • Hello All,

      Many thanks for all your replies, it has been greatly helpful!

      We have managed to get a good deal through Holiday Autos, I just did as you suggested and called them with the Quote details.

      They advised which companies allow cross border travel into Arinsal. Cost wise only worked out an an extra £30ish which is reasonable. Unfortunatley we have to get a shuttle bus to their offices off terminal which is not ideal with 2 snowboards and luggage but i'm sure we will manage. I guess we could even send one unfortunate soul to collect the car and pick us back up, providing its en route! :thumbup:

      Thanks for the reccomendations re stop overs on the way, I will look into this. Any further suggestions would be great.

      Coutning down the days until March 7th :)

      Tricky :thumbsup: