Car hire

    • Hi,I'm coming to arinsal in march for my second time and I'm just wondering if it would be easier to hire a car to head over to arcalis,wouldn't want to miss the bus or it be to full to get back.any help would be brilliant,thnx in advance.brilliant site aswell.
    • Hi Andy

      I think the bus is pretty long as you are with your time :pinch:
      If you did happen to miss the bus you may pay around €30 for a taxi back to Arinsal but this would still be cheaper than renting a car.
      If you want to rent a car to have your own freedom for getting around there is Avis, Europe car and a local compnay called If Rent here too. I'm not sure whether they would deliver your car or you would need to go to Andorra La Vella to collect it and I don't think you get any cheap deals here on car hire really. I think if you really thought you wanted a car would be best to rent one from the airport you arrive into and drive youself upto Andorra, keeping the car an dropping back as you fly out. You'd have to look and see what deals are around for if that works out for you.

      Hayley :thumbsup: