Princesa Parc - Standard or Superior?

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    • Princesa Parc - Standard or Superior?

      Hi all

      We're thinking of booking the Princesa Parc Hotel in January but not sure whether to go for a standard room or superior room.

      Has anybody had experience of either? Which would you recommend?


      April :thumbsup:
    • Hi April

      There are normally three room types available: standard, deluxe and superior - I've stayed in standard and deluxe - the standard rooms are a little dated but still nice, and the deluxe rooms have been updated with more modern furniture, although the bathrooms are still the original ones. They're ok size-wise although not too much storage - both types are the same size.

      The superior ones are in the block that used to be the Diana Parc and all these rooms are bigger plus they have Jacuzzi baths too! I've not stayed in one myself although I have seen them and if it's not much more then I'd definately pick a superior room.

      If you want to book you can check prices online here >>

      Hope this helps!