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      Stayed in the Palarine for half term week last February with my two daughters. First time ever on a skiing holiday so was excited and scared as my whole trust had gone in to Crystal Ski. Had the best time ever and returning to the palarine each night topped the day off. Happy hour from 5-6 obviously helped ease those aches from the piste then back upto the clean rooms and ready for tea. My word it was worth it and plenty of it also including for the fussy kids. Different cuisine each night so something for everyone and every dish was top notch.

      Hotel was extremely friendly and brilliant with the children which is a huge bonus. Staff extremely helpful and also have a mini bus that they are happy to run you upto the village if you want to visit the bats etc.

      The whole experience was so good I have booked to go back for Feb 18th (half term).

      If you remember us do say hi and for this interested in going maybe see you in February.

    • Got to agree with the comments above, my wife and I stayed at the Palarine at the start of April, we thought the place was fantastic, great food and really friendly people.
      We can't wait to get back for Xmas, arriving on December 23rd and the conditions look great.. I can't recommend this hotel enough, it's terrific value for money. :thumbsup:

    • we will probably see you there we re there from the 9th too. got a 10 year old lad we're dragging along with us. looking forward to it, not stayed here before though but the reviews seem to be really good. its a bit away from the lifts and village (just over a mile if google earth is to be believed).
    • I am staying there the same week and have stayed here many times, last time was last week in half term. The distance is right but the bus is reliable. If you want to visit the town the hotel have their own minibus which they will run you there in. Bar is good, food is great no need to go anywhere unless you're looking to visit the bars and clubs.

    • I haven't stayed there either but the reveiws here and on tripadvisor are almost all excellent. Just me and my Mrs, Dawn its our first ski holiday without kids.

      We can both ski ok ish but we are doing improver lessons so we can meet people and hopefully have a laugh. Look forward to seeing you all :) , Thanks to the forum I feel like this holiday is getting off to a great start already. Only 8 more get ups before i'm there :thumbsup:

      Jules :D
    • We are flying in from gatwick. Live down souf now but originally from congleton, Cheshire. 0640 flight from gatwick, I hate that place with a passion. Live 25 mins away from Luton but couldn't get a flight from there. I'm bi, but mainly ski now, mrs ricfrench is on her 4th week with building confidence(she is booked into group improvers)
      My son is learning to board but can ski.
    • @ Ricfrench
      Are you on a package deal or have you booked independently?

      If you are 25 mins from Luton and Hate Gatwick you could try Stanstead and Southend airports. You can choose flights to Reus, Girona and Barcelona in Spain or Toulouse and Carcasonne in France.

      The Spanish airports are best because the route into Andorra is best as it avoids the need for snow chains (most of the time) and the car hire is slightly cheaper.

      Independent is the way to go, No buses to catch, Can choose which resort to ski, With the tunnel from La Massana to Encamp now completed you can drive to the GrandValira resort as quick as you can to Arcalis. You choose travel times.

      See you next week. There from Monday to Thursday.

    • done with Chrystal this time. usually do DIY and fly sleezy jet luton to BCN and hire a car. worked out far cheaper this way. free kids lift pass, free child place at the hotel pass and school deal for kid and wife. it all worked out really quite good. Much better than Les Arcs in half term last year ;)
    • We've just got back from staying a week at the hotel Palarine and it is the first time ever that we've put on weight on a skiing holiday! The reason is that the food at the hotel is just superb and it would take better willpower than ours to not over-indulge. It's not just the food at the hotel that is really good: the staff are also really friendly and helpful, especially the breakfast chef who lent us his mobile so we could try and find out what was happening with our lesson on the day the weather was really bad.

      Happy hour was also great to return to after a day's skiing. We can recommend a glass of wine each drunk in a hot bath - guaranteed to remove any aches and pains from the days exertions! Would happily go back and would recommend it to anyone.