Hotel Besoli

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    • Hotel Besoli

      I am coming out to Arinsal 5th Feb, staying at Xalet Besoli. This might sound like a mad question, but does anyone know what time they open for their breakfast? Also, what time do the lifts start in the mornings?

      The reason i am asking is that i am thinking of booking some private lessons for first thing in the morning and want to make sure everything ties in nicely. :rolleyes:

      Also, i am coming with my 16 yr old son. We have both had lessons back here on dry slopes and a bit of time at xcape and can now just about do link turns (snowboards). Do you think 3 x 1hour private lessons would be enough? i dont really fancy booking group lessons and committing to the 5 x 3hour lessons, we would rather do our own thing.

      Thanks, cant wait to get out there on the 5th

    • Hi Richy

      From looking at their web site ( the Besoli serve breakfast from 8 until 10.30. The main lift starts at 8.30 and generally lessons start from 9.
      There are a couple of things that you might want to consider.
      1) There is a bit of distance from the Besoli to the main lift, you will need to walk it or wait for the free bus to transport you.
      2) The Apres in Arinsal is pretty mental, therefore booking up for private lessons first thing in the morning might not be recommended.

      Its personnal preference on if you want group of private, but I do think you would get more out of group lessons with it being your first time, they will put you in a suitable class so that you are with people of a simular level.

      Hope this helps, I am sure you will enjoy.

      Phil :thumbsup:
    • Hi Phil,

      Thanks for your reply, i need to do a bit of thinking :S
      Having my 16 yr old son with me im not sure that the nightlife will be a priority for us (well not every night!! ) Having said that i dont want to be rushing about first thing in the morning either, and if there is quite a walk maybe early lessons would be a push.
      Thanks for your response regarding lessons, still not sure if i want to commit to 3 hours every day with a group, need to discuss with my lad that one, as its me thats footing the bill for it all i was wondering if it would be better to have private lessons over 3 days or even cram 3 hours in on the monday, freeing up the rest of the week.

      As for lift pass etc, we have booked through Neilson, and sorted passes out already, and we have our own gear so no need to hire. Just the lessons dilema to sort!!

      Once again, thanks for your help, roll on 5th Feb :thumbup: