Car hire help please !

    • Car hire help please !

      Hi All
      I'm coming to arinsal next winter and was wondering if anyone had hired a car from Barcelona and dropped it off at
      Arinsal or Andorra Le Vella ? Only that we are not intending to use a car whilst we are there and I thought it may be
      Cheaper to hire it just for the day or overnight . Same with the return journey we could collect the car on the day as our flight isn't until the
      Evening then drop it off at the airport .

      We normally book a transfer but its going to cost about £250 for 4 of us , more
      than the cost of our flights !
      I assume this could only be done if the car hire company has a office at the
      Airport and in Andorra . I would be very welcome for the advice
    • Hi Kal200

      There aren't any rental companies who do one-way rentals from Spain to Andorra or visa-versa without very large one-way fees because not only would it be a one-way rental but also it would be dropped off in a different country.

      If you decide on renting a car then it would most probably need to be for the full week, but when you compare prices make sure that there aren't any hidden extra fees for taking the car into a different country, and make sure Andorra is included in the list of accepted countries.

      Hope this helps!

    • Holidayautos

      Hi Kal

      Not sure if its too late, we use holidayautos, they give you a full up front cost when booking so there no surprises when you arrive at the airport (and also specify up front that travelling to Andorra is permitted), depending on how much equipment you are taking (ie how big a car you need) you should be able to find something cheaper that £250. Dont forget you have the fuel cost & tolls to add (

      We have found having a car much easier, especially if you are self catering, you can stop at the supermarkets just after the border in Andorra to stock up on goods for the week, and these are generally cheaper than in resort. Fuel is also a lot cheaper in Andorra, so make sure you fill the tank up before you leave.

      If you do use holiday autos, make sure you fill in all the flight info, this will ensure you get car hire from the right terminal.

      Hope this helps