Sunday activities?

    • Sunday activities?

      Hi All,
      I Arrive in Arinsal about 1pm ish on Sunday 13th Feb, with my wife and 11 year old son. we're booked into Ski school from Monday but was wondering what activities we could get up to on the Sunday, since we'll have quite a bit of the day left when we arrive.

      we're staying at the Palarine hotel.

      Also, have booked ski-hire etc through the travel company (CrystalSki) does anyone know if we'll be able to pick up our gear on the Sunday (so that I can get it into a locker, waiting for us on the Monday morning)

    • usually the rep will be waiting to give you your passes when you arrive and hire stuff paperwork so think it should be no problem if you want to go up mountain to get your stuff,
      Remember the lifts stop running around 5.30ish if i recall
      were checking in on the Friday the 18th at Palarine hotel as well,stayed there last year and its a great hotel great food and great hosts.
      Did crystal last year as first time this year doing it DIY as used to doing our holidays that way in USA
      See you here
    • Hello Graeme, Bet you can’t wait until you arrive, not long now!!
      Upon arrival into resort your reps will tell you when and where you can collect your equipment from etc, usually this can be collected on the Sunday afternoon, generally the rental shops in the village are open till around 20.00, and if you're collecting from the top of the gondola it has to be before 17.00, but it depends upon the company.
      Other activities you could do in resort on the Sunday could include bowling. There’s a bowling alley in the Princesa Parc which is available for non guests. :)
    • Thanks Paul & Sarah!

      Sarah, yes I defintely can't wait.
      have been on skiing hold before with my son (he's been skiing since he was 6, so is far better than me!!) but this is a first for my wife, so I'm hoping she takes to it, as it'll mean a lot more trips in the future!
    • That is exactly the same situation as us. First year last year for my wife, I was keeping my fingers crossed she would like it, she absolutely loved it, almost as soon as we got back she wanted to book this years blast, she keeps demanding to be taken to the indoor at Hemel on a monthly basis, we had a few days in Scotland last easter and she made sure we had time to fit in a day on Cairngorm.
      All this because of Arinsal, it's a perfect place for a first timer and intermediate, the terrain is all easily accessed, they have a dedicated chair lift for beginners to progress onto from the magic carpet.
      By late Thursday she was skiing from the very top (Blue all the way down).
      Hope it does the same for you.
      We are out there half term this year so only got four weeks to wait :D
    • Staying at the St. Andreu again. The rooms are are great size and the food is good. Just a bit of a hike up the hill after a day on top, we did find that a couple of après's and a bbq'd hot dog before the long hard slog did the trick :thumbup:
      Are you going to be doing lessons and stuff? My wife will be in the higher beginners group, I will be intermediate, my 7 year old son in intermediate kids, all in the morning groups.
      Getting closer by the day :thumbsup:

      we are staying at palarine this sun also travelling with crystal.Family of 4,2 boys 8+11.

      i`ll get as much info as possible regarding routine and places to try.We are 3rd time ski-ers but 1st time Andorra.

      It`s countdown time for us and we can`t wait.

      All the best
    • Yes, the Princesa Parc Wellness Centre is open for non-guests as well. It costs €12 for a two-hour session or children up to 11 years are €8 although they need to be accompanied by an adult and can only go in between 11:00 and 15:00.

      Alternatively there is Caldea which is a much bigger spa in Andorra la Vella.
    • hi graeme,
      sorry for delay,1st chance ive had to give you few details.

      to start with we flew from manchester on the sun 8am flt.the down side to arinsal+andorra is the transfer from toulose.we didnt arrive until almost
      5pm and to be honest we were all shattered.we didnt even have time to organise ski hire.

      thats the bad news out of the way.Palarine is great.Graham+marie spot on,clean,fantastic food and is a fair walk into resort 20 mins and pathways are bit dodgy but bus stops on the roundabout outside the hotel.during day free ski bus to slopes every 20mins,there is also free bus to arcalis at 10.30am from town centre(gondola) every day.there is also standard buses into main area and surrounding towns like andorra le vella.

      St moritz ski hire is very refined and is before gondola next to supermarket.well organised and if you are early enough you can collect sun,dont panic if you miss sun pick up because its not your normal cattle market.We paid crystal for use of cage to store gear which is top of gondola in main building.we paid 30e but they frown upon leaving boots overnight.we did because that was the whole idea.lockers are 54e i think.
      sunday princess parc has spa and bowling alley,might be worth a look.couple of decent bars in town for all family el cau,el molli.
      for a change we went to restaurant 360+ciscos on a couple of nights.ciscos great value tex-mex,360 be honest food in hotel palarine as good as anywhere.nothings cheap food +drink on mountain pricey and central bars know how to charge(el cau about best value).
      overall had a great time,we are not expert ski-ers so wide open slopes gave all family masses of confidence and improvement was huge.people friendly,Palarine staff very tip i exchanged money with graham at palarine and got a better rate with him than the bank at andorra le vella.we had a great day on the wed when we had a break and went to caldea.100e for family of 4 for 3 hours,pricey but great.
      cracking slope for our level is les fonts,chair lift next to cage,runs through into nursery slope.

      hoping you have a great time if i think of any more info i`ll post
      cheers alan