buses from barcelona

    • buses from barcelona

      hi steve

      myself and my girlfriend are due in arinsal on the 28th feb.
      this is our second year in arinsal and we love it. last year we hired a car and drove up.
      however.... i found there to be many hidden charges incurred with the hire company and thus it cost a fortune.

      with that in mind we have chose to bus up. iv noticed the 2 forms of bus transfer you have listed on your site. i tried to go for the cheaper option
      however its all spanish and im stuck!

      is it worthwhile pursuing this or should i go for the novatel bus?


      mark :thumbup:
    • Hi Mark

      Novatel is the best option if you're looking for cheap but still convenient as they take you to your hotel rather than Direct Bus who only go as far as Andorra la Vella, as then you've got to get to a service bus stop or take a taxi.

      Novatel from Barcelona is €69 return per person from the airport to your hotel, and to book just send us a message from the contact form and we'll arrange it for you.


    • Buses to Barcelona


      we have already paid Transfers to get to Arinsal. (Otherwise we would have had to wait nearly 3 hours for bus)

      We are tempted to leave early on the Sunday of our departure in order to grab 5 hours in Barcelona.

      Is there a really EARLY Bus service that would collect 6 of us from Crest Hotel and take us to Barcelona or Barcelona Airport ?

      I'm talking 8am or 9am or would we need to make our way to Andorra la Vella to catch a bus.
    • Hello,
      As Steve’s mentioned the best idea would be a transfer company called Novatel, they will pick you up from Arinsal village, just outside the Hotel Crest and take you to Barcelona airport. The first bus leaves Andorra la Vella around 5 0’clock in the morning, which would give you loads of time in Barcelona.... The next bus leaves at 8 o’clock, which might be a slightly more sociable hour for you!! Generally the buses leave Arinsal about 45 minutes before the Andorra la Vella departure time. To book send us a quick email through the contact page, the links above on Steve’s post. :)
    • hey thanks for the help steve....
      can i book transfer tickets via your site???

      also, is gemma working in ciscos again this year? shes good friends with my other half.
      if she is and you speak to her tell her mark and michelle are due soon so wel plan another big night out!!