distance/travel time from el tarter

    • distance/travel time from el tarter

      I am staying in El Tarter for our 5th visit to Andorra and want to try Arinsal for a different experience. we have a hire car for the week and want to know how easy Arinsal is to access by car and what the approx time would be from El Tarter and where to park when we arrive. Any info would be much appreciated.
    • Hello, El Tarter to Arinsal will take approximately 30 minutes depending upon the traffic in Andorra la Vella and the weather conditions. Most places are well signed posted in Andorra and you shouldn’t have any problems navigating your way to Arinsal, it’s a tiny village with only one road through it. Free parking is located at the bottom of the gondola, in the heart of the village next to Surf and the Black Bull. I would also suggest you check out Arcalis too :)
    • Just as you come in to Andorra la Vella you need to look out for a sign for 'Ordino/La Massana'. It's a right-hand turn which takes you up side street which goes up hill towards the end then forks at the crest. Veer left and follow the road along.

      Keep following signs for La Massana until you get there, then you'll pick up signs for Arinsal. If you click on the 'Resort' tab along the top you'll be able to print maps of both La Massana and Arinsal.

      If you intend to ski both Grandvalira and Vallnord you may want to consider a Ski Andorra lift pass which covers you for both areas. A five-day pass costs €193 for adults, and you can book them through us if you like.
    • Steve,
      Thanks again for this. I dont seem to be able to find the pass details you describe on this website, but was able to find out about it on another site. However it says it is for 5 non consecutive days. Does this mean it can be used for ANY 5 days skiing, or that it cannot be used on any consecutive days. If it is for ANY 5 days( as we are only in Andorra for 6 days), can you advise on how I can get this from yourselves? Also as a matter of marketing why is this ticket not being pushed by Andorran resorts as it appears a Superb pass giving flexibility across the Principality?
    • It's any five days - it's called a non-consecutive pass as it doesn't have to consecutive days, although it can be if you choose that.

      I guess the reason it isn't pushed by the Andorran ski resorts is because not too many tourists have their own transport and want to travel between the two areas, preferring to either ski one or the other. Also, you should know it's not actually a 'real' lift pass - it's a pass that you exchange for a 'real' lift pass each day from any ticket window which is how you can use it in both valleys.

      We can book it for you, just send us a message from the contact form and we'll give you a ring to take payment. Just like other lift passes, when you arrive just let us know and we'll bring it to you at your accommodation.

      Fire away if you have any other questions!
    • snow chains?

      Quick one for you. We will follow your directions to Andorra via Ponts(avoiding ~Tolls). Where is the best/cheapest place to buy Snow Chains, in your opinion. Dont really want to give hire car company €50 unless absolutely necessary.

      PS what are conditions like at the moment? All the indications on the web suggest it is very mild in Andorra and as a result I am presuming conditions are getting both worse and wet. Is that the case?
    • Hi Bri,
      Most garages in Andorra stocked snow chains, in my opinion purchasing them from supermarkets like Andorra 2000 are the cheapest option. We’d definitely recommend you carry them, when driving in Andorra the roads often go into the mountains and the road/weather conditions can vary/change quickly. If the weather is particularly bad, the police sometimes set up road blocks to check for snow tyres or chains. For the safety of yourself and others they will not allow you to continue if you are not prepared.

      The run conditions are okay at the moment, since last Friday we’ve had glorious blue sky and sunshine every day. First thing in the morning the slopes are looking perfectly groomed and hard packed, they are a little icy in patches and the runs in the sun by late afternoon can sometimes be a little chopped up. However having said that because they are a little softer there perfect for trying out new tricks!! Fresh snow is forecasted to fall on Wednesday through to Saturday this week... happy days. :)