Taxis to Arcalis

    • Taxis to Arcalis

      Steve - you're the man in the know! We want to do a couple of days in Arcalis this season (only managed one last time). Would I be right in assuming it's possible to book taxis fitted with ski racks to get across there or is that wishful thinking? I know there's a free ski bus and all but that only runs at the weekend now doesn't it? We'll probably go early in the week when it's nice and quiet. If taxis are a feasible idea how much for a return trip do you reckon it would be? Or can you suggest a better way.

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    • Hi Guys!

      Definately get over to Arcalis at the beginning of the week as you're right, it is usually a lot quieter then! Yes, you can get a taxi with a ski rack, just tell them you have skis when you ring for it. Unfortunately you can't book a taxi so you've got to call one and wait so probably not so bad going but coming back might take a while.

      The bus timetable for this winter won't be confirmed until December so we can all keep our fingers crossed that they might reinstate the daily bus but I'll get an update on here once it is confirmed.

      Each taxi will cost in the region of €25-€40 each way as it depends where the taxi has come from as to how much they will charge you. Personally I've never taken a taxi so I don't know from first hand experience just from what people have told me. Depending on your size and the size of the ski rack you may be looking at 4 taxis for 12 people so up to €200-320 return for all of you.

      If you're willing to spend that kind of money for a day in Arcalis then you're better off booking a minibus to take you there and bring you back so you can all travel together and you don't have to wait around trying to get several taxis home at the end of the day. If you decide on a minibus then I can get you a price from the company who provide our customers with private airport transfers.

      Another option would be to get yourselves down to La Massana, either by taxis or service buses, then catch the service bus that runs from Andorra la Vella to Arcalis every day. This would work out cheaper than taxis or minibuses but would be a bit of a faf and involve quite a bit of waiting around at bus stops!

      I hope this helps!

    • Cheers Steve. That's definitely a bit pricey especially as we want to go at least twice!! Originally we'd have had our own hire cars for the trip but the group size keeps fluctuating so we're no longer doing that. If you wouldn't mind asking about the cost of the minibus that's be great.

      Thanks again.
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    • Taxis to Arcalis

      He forgot to say that there will be 12 of us.

      Yeah because I'm sure there will only be one taxi. Best we book it now!

      Thinking more along the lines of we might need a minibus as opposed to lots of taxis, retard.
    • That's one option but I can't find anyone who do 12 seater minibus rentals from BCN, do you know of any?

      We were originally going to rent a couple of people carriers but with a couple of extra bodies now we really need the minibus. Obviously we also want the best value for money.
      If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much room.
    • The price for a private minibus transfer between Arinsal and Arcalis would be €232 return, and you'd just have to let me know what time you wanted picking up for going and coming back.

      If you want to go ahead with that just let me know a week or so before you're due to arrive and I'll get it booked.