Ski boots as hand luggage?

    • Bummer, have always carried boots in hand luggage, which has never been checked by airline staff, and airport security have allowed them. Best check with the airport (not airline) and dont carry them in your bootbag but a rucksack or similar instead.
    • Just an update on this subject.
      I decided to put my ski boots in my case so i didn't have any hassle at the airport in case they wouldn't let me carry them as hand luggage.
      I travelled with easyjet and noticed that there is no weight limit on your hand luggage so i put my ski boots in my case and took a small case on the plane as hand luggage which i packed with clothes only, tops, jeans underwear etc. This meant i didn't overload my checked in bag and this kept it below the 20kg weight limit for checked in baggage.

      Hi I always take my boots in my hand luggage , I put them in a small case so that when Im at check in, its not obviouse that its sport equipment , I guess if you put them in a boot bag then you run the risk of them asking you to check them in , it doesnt say anywhere in any guidance I have read with all the budget airlines that boots are prohibited ....Ive done this with Eayjet and Ryanair and never had a problem ;)
    • Hi Cathy.
      I was advised that due to recent security measures ski boots were not allowed as hand luggage so didn't take the risk of having to rearrange my luggage at the check in desk. I know with ryanair that you can also take a small suitcase on board as i did this when i travelled to Dublin last year. This was just an option that i suggested rather than running the risk of the airline refusing them as hand luggage.
      We returned from Arinsal on the 6th Feb. We had a fantastic week there. Hope you have a fab time. Have you been to Arinsal before?
    • Oh you may be right I never thought of that , I havent done it since last year so prehpas Id better check with the airport . Yes Ive been to Arinsal 8 times over the past 22 years I learnt to ski there about 22 years ago , it was very different in them days ....then after a 15 year gap took my children there to learn when they were aged 3 and 6 , we did 5 years on the run , as its brilliant for kids .....we had a change for the past 2 years and went to other places, but we decided to go back to Arinsal this year as we have all missed it. The skiing is a bit limited but the older I get its not a bad thing eh ! ;)
    • ski boots as hand luggage

      I have travelled several times with easy jet to Geneva, they do not weigh your hand luggage but there are restrictions on the size of your hand luggage. A boot bag is fine my also contains out door shoes a book and a hand bag. I have just returned 9th Feb 2014 no problem. Easy Jet are so much better than Ryan Air.