• Drivin- Barcelona Airport to Arinsal

      From the airport follow the only road outand joint the C32 signposted Barcelona/ Tarragona/ Girona/ Ronda de Dalt/ Lleida.
      At exit 16A follow signs for A2/E90 towards Tarragona/ Lleida. Join A2 direction Lleida.
      At Guissona exit join L311 towards Guissona. Do not go into Guissona just stay on this road going straight over all roundabouts.
      The L311 become the L313 although you may not notice.
      When you reach a T junction turn left and head towards Ponts.C1412
      This will be the first town you pass through. At the roundabout turn right onto C-14.
      Stay on C-14 all the way Follow signs to La Seu D'Urgell and Andorra.
      When in Andorra stay on main road to Andorra la Vella. Follow tote dricions & look for signs to La Massana (per tunel)
      When at La Massana and the road bears right and forks take the left fork and then get over to the right or you will go round again.
      Arinsal is a further 5 mins along this road.

      The above directions I have done twice on the way back. It seems daunting as they are listed as minor roads, but they are good roads and mostly traffic free.

      On your return at la Seu d'urgell, Barcelona is signposted left and right at the roundabout. Turn Right on to C14 all the way to Ponts. At the roundabout in Ponts take 3rd exit (left) onto C1412 then the 1st right onto L313 again continue straight to A2.
      When on the A2 ypou will eventually come to a situation where barcelona is Left and Right stay on A2 all the way until you see the airport signs.

      Have a great trip.

    • The roads will be fine at night as they are all pretty straight, although they do not have lighting. As you will not have to look out for turnings when on these roads your full beam should suffice.
      The hardest part i find at night is getting on the right roads out of Barcelona. if you have not driven abroasd before the tip is not to panic.
      When leaving the airport any sign that directs you towards Lleida (do not go all the way to lleida as it will add lots of time to your journeywill get you in the general direction. Have a map handy and if you do not end up on the A2 look out for E09 or C14 and they will get you nearly all the way up to Andorra.

      If you do not encouter problems with traffic you will get to the border of Andorra /Spain in about 2.5 hours.

      Just after Ponts (literally) there is a roundabout with and you need to go up the hill 2nd exit. Or 1st exit there is a services Food/drink toilet only, if you need a stop.