packing advice

    • packing advice

      we are travelling to arinsal on 28th december for our first skiing holiday and i am looking for any advice on packing. I am worried about weight and how much room will be left in our cases once we have got the ski gear in as it is very bulky. i have been advised to travel in our ski jackets as this will take less room up in the cases.
      any other advice would be gratefully accepted.
      13 days to go and counting!! :D
    • That's good advice to wear you ski jacket as it will save space and weight. Check with your airline about the size and weight of your hand luggage and make good use of that. Also, the dress code in the village is very relaxed, so don't think you need to pack loads of "going out" clothes or too many pairs of shoes!

      If you're struggling for space in your bags, don't forget you could easily wash something small in your bath and dry it on a radiator in your room so you could wear the same thing a couple of times, or just give it a good spray with deodorant instead of washing it :thumbsup:
    • 'The Squaddy-Shower' what you call covering yourself in deo when you can't have a proper wash/shower ;)

      Good advice from Steve re: packing. I've never been stopped taking my hand-luggage on the plane with my helmet clipped to it (not sure if this applies to you). Gloves in coat pockets. Wooly hat on head. Fleece on under your ski jacket. You really won't need as much apres-ski wear as you probably think; one pair of shoes/boots should be enough for example.

      Enjoy !