Ski Bus/Pay Bus Times

    • Ski Bus/Pay Bus Times

      Hi Steve et al

      If any seasonnaires get the chance; any possibility of putting up a link (if one exists) to the bus times for Vall Nord.
      Ideally the Vallnord Bus Neu time table would be great.

      Also, can you find out anything aboutthe NEW chairlift Pla de la Tosa, above Pic del Cubil; is this lift going to be transporting siers from and to Pal-Arinsal ?

    • The Vallnord ski bus timetable isn't out yet. I'll have it up once the times are confirmed.

      As for the new lift you mention, Pla de la Tosa, I've not heard anything about this one! It's not listed in any of the new developments for Vallnord or listed on their piste map. Where did you hear about it?
    • Steve said;
      It's not listed in any of the new developments for Vallnord or listed on their piste map. afraid it IS listed in the new developments....maybe you missed it :rolleyes: . Anyway, check out the links:…s-at-vallnord-winter.aspx

      Quote from the Vallnord site in reference to Pal,
      PAL AREA

      New chair lift at Pla de la Tosa, above Pic del Cubil. This chair lift will duplicate skiers transport capacity from Pal to Arinsal, Setúria or Coll de la Botella areas, being the latter, the neuralgic centre of winter activities (snowmobiles, snowshoes, mushing, sledges). Thanks to the new snow machines in this area, access from one area to the other is guaranteed.

      Widening of Del Camí Inferior trail from Coll de la Botella up to Planell, and installation of snow machines, so skiers can enjoy both areas, Pal and Arinsal, during the whole season.
      New Freestyle area for beginners.

      New terrace and outdoor “chiringuito” in Planell area (mountain base of trails in Pal), so people can enjoy the sun and beautiful views.

      New Fast-Food Service at Caubella building, with a wide offer of hamburgers and franckfurts for skiers that want to make a quick stop between slope and slope.

      Mentioned in two different places, the first link above being the OFFICIAL Vallnord site. Maybe they decided not to build it ? :huh:

    • You're right, it is in their literature - I must have missed it! :pinch:

      Just checked on the piste map and can't see it mentioned, or on the list of lifts on the Vallnord Slope Conditions guide. I've not been over to Pal yet this season, but I'll have an ask around.

      Cheers for the info.