Road to La Rabassa (Naturalandia)

    • Road to La Rabassa (Naturalandia)

      Came to Andorra for a quick visit during the summer and visited Naturalandia for the toboggan ride.

      It seemed a very steep winding road on the way up, and was wondering what it was like in the winter as I am returning to Arinsal for skiing in February and would like a day out there to see the difference. Will i need snow chains on the drive upto La Rabassa.
    • Snow Chains


      I've never driven that road, however in winter you should really have snow chains wherever you travel as the weather can change rapidly. Also you can be stopped by the traffic police and told to put chains on. If this happens and you don't have any you won't be allowed to go any further! You can pick chains up from Hiper Andorra (a large supermarket in the capital) for around €10.