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    • Poblado & Children

      Thinking of taking the family (First time skiers) somewhere cheaper to see if they like it and had the Arinsal and Poblado recommended as ecomonical...

      But woundered how suitable both the resort and aparthotel is for kids (6 & 10), don't want anything too rowdy!
    • The Poblado apartments are family friendly but are above Quo Vadis pub - a couple of years back they put sound proofing in the bar which has helped. If you're concerned, just request a high floor when you make your booking - special requests are never guaranteed but they try to accommodate them.

      Hope this helps!
    • i will be needing somewer to stay at the very start of december while i look for a job and accomidation and i have been told that the poblado will be a good place to stay before any holiday makers get over.. but does anyone know how much a night or for a week for before the season starts

      i will also be traviling with a friend so theyll be 2 of us