Few Questions

    • Few Questions


      Me and my girlfriend is going to Arinsal-Pal on 12th Mar for 7 days. she's a beginner, I can do black and red runs.
      I just have a few questions.

      1. Is the snow in Mar still decent, such as powder days and would most of the runs still be open?
      2. Is it possible to hire ski trousers, ski helmets at the ski shop?
      3. she's thinking of taking lessons. would we have to book lessons pre-arrival or can she sign up at the school at the resort?

      Thank you for your time
    • Yes, March is usually still good snow, but the later in March you come then it's better skiing in the mornings as it can get very warm later on, but 12th March is still early enough to get good quality conditions.

      We often get big dumps late season too, and you can see photos of March in previous seasons in our gallery here.

      You can rent a helmet online here but we don't rent clothing like trousers.

      For lessons it's best to book in advance, which we can do for you. For a first timer we have saver packs including the lift pass, group lessons, and equipment rental.

      For the VLT of goggles it really does depend on the weather on the day. You can get goggles with lenses you can easily swap out, otherwise around 30% is fine for all-round performance.