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  • Hi rojdag With shared transfers the bus wouldn't wait for you, but you can be dropped in La Massana. For the departure, again you wouldn't be able to drop the keys with the bus waiting; if you need to drop the keys you'd need to make your own way to La Massana and we can organise for you to be picked up there. With private transfers it's no problem to wait for you, we'd just need to know in advance so we can pet the driver know. Steve

  • Sorry if it's not clear, couple of points to note (which we're working on updating): - The page defaults to snowboard (make sure you go to the ski category). UPDATED. - Advanced beginner is after intermediate in the list (should be in the middle).…2db99f935b8196288a890edc4 The timetable and level don't affect the prices. Steve

  • Hi Steve On the level for the lessons when you're booking ( you should see the options for beginner, advanced beginner and intermediate. Steve

  • Closing Date

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    Hi Dixon24 It was yesterday, April 10th. Steve

  • Hi Simon The pick up from Arinsal is 14:15 (as per your voucher), but you should be ready 10 minutes in advance. It then goes to Andorra la Vella, leaving there at 15:00. Glad to hear you're enjoying your holiday. Steve

  • ski equipment

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    Hi Simon You don't need to book for a specific shop, you can just use your voucher in any of the three Sant Moritz shops. No problem to collect on the Wednesday so long as you go up before 16:30, just show your rental voucher at the bottom of the gondola and they let you on to collect your skis. If you miss t then you can collect in the village until 20:00, or the gondola opens at 08:30 in the morning. Steve

  • Hi Simon Sorry about that, I've just added them to the list of drop-offs. Regards Steve

  • I've not heard any feeback about them, sorry, but I know the building has lifts.

  • Hi Simon I just added them to our map here (if you can't see them just refresh your page) - they're towards the top of the village, just a bit further up past the Xalet Verdu. The building has an entrance on the top floor which is right by the six-man chair lift which comes out at the same place as the gondola. If you did want to walk to the gondola instead then it's only a 5-6 minute walk. Steve

  • Sorry but they are different groups, so there's no way to book you on from Sunday.

  • Weather next week

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    Hi It's normal in Andorra to get warmer weeks but nothing to worry about, plenty of snow on the mountain and despite being warmer the freezing level is still set to be around 1000-1200 metres, and the bottom lift in Arinsal is at 1550 metres. Steve

  • Hi Lorraine I'm sorry but group lessons only start on Saturdays for two days, or on Mondays for four or five days. Apart from these then it's just private lessons. Steve

  • Packages

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    Hi Sebastian The packages start on Mondays for either 4, 5 or 6 days, which is why you can't find them. With 8 days you can put everything in your basket and it applies the relevant discounts. Steve

  • Lift Passes

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    Hi Charlie We'd meet you first thing in the morning - the gondola opens at 08:30 so we could meet you then so you can head up straight away if you like. Steve

  • Hi Fletch1970 Yes you should arrive around 8pm, but the shop in the village closes then. As you have a locker booked you're best to collect your gear at the shop at the top of the chairlift - the lift opens at 08:30 so if you head up then to collect your gear you should be done in time for your lessons. If you've booked your lift passes with us then make sure you phone us when you arrive (number on your voucher) and we'll pop to meet you, then you'll be all set to head straight up to the shop in…

  • Hi Paul We got you sorted... but if anyone else has the same problem, it's because you need to book in advance. Online bookings close three days before your first day skiing - eg. to start skiing on a Monday, the last day to pre-book is Friday. Steve

  • Hi Yes you can just wear normal footwear down (or up) or you can go on with skis/snowboard. Steve

  • Ski lockers

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    Hi Jo There's a big locker room at the top of the gondola, or you can pre-book one here on The lockers we book are in the Sant Moritz ski hire shop at the top of the gondola, right in front of you when you arrive. Steve

  • Hi Cotty Glad you like the site! Answers below... - February is the busiest time, but also can be the most expensive (half term), March is great because normally lots of snow plus a bit warmer. - Yes it's good for boarders, especially the park, plus some great places to ride between the slopes eg. down Les Marrades down to Hotel Crest. Arcalis is also well worth a visit (on the Vallnord lift pass) as they have awesome freeride areas. - Arinsal isn't hugely testing, it's ideal for beginners, but …

  • ski package

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    Lockers are on the online shop on the "Extras" page.