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  • I just sent you an email. Steve

  • Good morning, and thanks for your post. The first free bus from La Massana to Arinsal is at 8.15 in the morning and it takes around 15 minutes to get there. There is also a paying public bus too, so you have some options. The buses run even in bad weather here in Andorra! You are right, the international lessons are taught in muliple lanugauges which can include Spanish, Catalan and French. Best wishes

  • Hi Lola, THe're no bus to the base of the mountain no, but you can purchase a gondola only pass when you arrive so your husband can go up on the mountain too. There's a free bus to La Massana where you can also catch the gondola to Pal. Come and see us in our office on Sunday evening for a copy of the bus timetable from 18.00-20.00. We're always here to help! Jeni

  • Hi Bryan, No worries, let us know if you require anything else! We look forward to seeing you in resort. Many thanks, Olivia

  • Hi there, If you would like to book the beginners pass you can do that directly in resort from the gondola kiosk. Many thanks, Olivia

  • Great news David! We look forward to meeting you here!

  • Good morning, The budget skis tend to be older and therefore more used. If you are just lesaring to ski, both of these categories will be perfecrt for you. Once you become more advanced we recommend moving up the categories to help you progress. Many thanks!

  • Hi David, Thanks for your messages today. We ususally wouldn't recommend adults and children learning together, as they have such different learning curves and learn in such different ways. Also, with mixed abilities, the person who is more advanced tends to not benefit as the instructor will teach to the lowest level. It is possible, but probably not the best option. I hope this helps! Jeni

  • Hi Bryan, Sorry by one-way I meant a daily pass, so those are the prices for a daily return pass. This pass will not give you access to any of the chairlifts so you wouldn't be able to get from Arinsal to Pal via the chairlifts and cable cart. However there are frequent buses that run from Arinsal to La Massana so that your partner can decide to either go up to the Arinsal gondola base station or Pal gondola base station. There are plenty of restaurants in both stations to enjoy and you will hav…

  • Hi David, We have seen that you have emailed into us with the above enquiry recently. We have reached out to Vallnord to organise this, however if you could also e-mail the below address with your details and the dates you arrive then they will be able to confirm the ambassador for you. The e-mail is: Many thanks,

  • Hi Bryan, Thanks for your enquiry! If your partner isn't going to ski at all but wants to take the gondola up to the base station, then she will only need to purchase the gondola-only lift pass. It is €6.50 for a one way pass in Arinsal and €11 for the one way pass in Pal. Many thanks, Olivia

  • Hi Carll, There is a beginner ski pass that you can get that is €19.50 per day. It gives you access to the below: The magic carpet, the Caubella chairlift and El Planell which takes you to the top of the beginner slope in Pal. The magic carpet and access to the Escola slope in Arinsal. The use of the gondola lift is included in both Pal and Arinsal too. Thanks, Olivia

  • Good morning Tia, We still have lots of snow on the mountain and yes, the snow cannons are being used every night. Vallnord Pal-Arinsal have a large number of cannons and a huge resevoir to provide the water to them, there has been lots of investment here in Arinsal. The conditions have been generally good, although the snow gets a little choppy in the afternoon due to the warmer temperatures. The mornings have been great if you can make it up to the slopes early, and we advise a high factor sun…

  • Quote from David J West: “Hi, I will be ready to ski early on 10th March, if anything can be arranged, thank you. I know the area well and can meet anywhere on the slopes or at the lifts. I also have a car to travel. ” Hi David, We've not heard from you yet - is this something you'd still like us to arrange? Ian

  • Hi! It takes ten minutes to walk down into the village to the gondola and the bulk of the bars and restaurants from the hotel and the chairlift. It's a fabulous hotel so I know you will just love it! Have a great day! Jeni

  • Hi Wayne, The winds have calmed down and the resort is back to being 100% open today. If you follow our twitter account @arinsal, we post a daily snow report every morning that informs you of how many runs are open that day. With regards to what clothing to pack, we always recommend bringing thermals and jumpers because you can always take layers off but you can't put them on! Although temperatures will never reach as cold as -20c, it does still get particularly cold at the very top of the mount…

  • Hi Wayne, Thanks for your enquiry. The reason some of the runs and chairlifts were closed today were due to the high winds. For the past week, the resort has been 100% open even though it is getting warmer in resort. This is due to the several snow cannons that Vallnord have invested in, which help to provide good conditions to ski on all season long. Many thanks, Olivia

  • Hi Ric, If you email us at with the days you would like to book a locker for then we can get back to you with the relevant prices and let you know availability. Many thanks,

  • Hi Tony, You can book ski lockers directly through us. The lockers you will be renting our with Sant Moritz and are based on top of the mountain. If you would like to book a locker, email us on with the dates you are looking to rent lockers for and we will let you know prices and can book these for you. Many thanks!

  • Hi there, There is a chairlift next to the top of this blue slope that takes you directly down outside the Ushuaia hotel. You can also take this chairlift up in the morning rather than walk down to the gondola station. If you are a beginner who hasn't put skis on before, you can just carry these onto the chairlift with you rather than put them on your feet. Many thanks, Olivia