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  • Hi Nathan

    We need a little more information than just a street name. My colleague Emma sent you an email yesterday evening - please could you get back to her and then we'll be able to get your transfer confirmed.


  • Having taken some serious thought I have used your service provided on this website. I've said on the request that I want to be dropped at Carrer del Puiet, Ordino, as we are staying with family do they tend to drop you off quite close to where you request?


  • Hi Taffy

    Resorthoppa are an agency (don't have their own buses) and book people on to the same buses as ourselves (with Novatel). The timing you have said they give is wrong. On the Novatel shared transfer the scheduled time from Barcelona airport to Andorra la Vella is 3 hours, plus a further 45 minutes on to Arinsal.

    You can book your shared airport transfers on our website with the timetable and timings on our transfers page here >>

    Just ask if you have any other questions.

  • Barcelona Transfer.


    Has anyone ever used resorthoppa to get to Andorra from Barcelona? Last
    year we visited we used but this time we
    land at 10.25am on the sunday and the bus leaves at 11.15am so we would
    be pushed for time, plus the transfer with resorthoppa is supposed to
    be 2 hours 40 as opposed to 3 hours 30 mins with andorradirectbus...

    If anyone can help, will be much appreciated! :)