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  • Yes, the bus timetable is a little limited, but you could take a taxi, or you can rent a car. If you decide not to do this you could go over on the Saturday when you don't have lessons.
  • Free Bus


    The times seem very limited, especially if your having morning lessons - how you supposed to get there, ski and back in an afternoon
  • To the best of my knowledge the L6 only goes as far as Ordino unless it's recently changed. The alternative would be the Vallnord bus for Andorra la Vella that leaves at 16:00, get off in La Massana and then catch the L5 to Arinsal which goes every 30 minutes.
  • hackettclan

    would like to know the times of the L6 (think this is the paid one witch runs form arcalis) as the free red one gets full quickly when coming back
  • Hi Ken,
    There are 2 bus that run from Arinsal to Arcalis and 3 buses returning, they run 7 days a week and the times are below:-

    Leaving Arinsal 8:30 and then 10:30
    Leaving Arcalis 9:30, 15:00 and 17:00

    The buses are bright red, with Vallnord free bus written across them and they are free of charge with your lift pass :) The closest bus stop to the gondola is only a few metres away from the bottom of the gondola on the left, just after the bridge.

    Arcalis is definitely worth the bus journey.... enjoy :)
  • is there a daily bus service between Arinsal and Arcalis


    is there a daily bus service between Arinsal and Arcalais , and where is the bus stop in relation to the Gondala