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Your Arinsal lift pass covers you for three areas: Arinsal, Pal & Arcalis, known as Vallnord. There are two types of lift pass depending on the duration you choose. Short durations have a barcode on and you insert it in to the machine at the bottom of the lift, however for longer durations (including the 6-day pass) they have a tiny chip in them which makes them "hands-free" so you can leave it in a pocket and Vallnord lift pass the machines at the bottom of the lifts will read the pass allowing you on to the lift. Any lift passes booked through will be the "hands-free" type, even if you are here for a shorter duration. You don't need photos for Vallnord lift passes.

If you are aged from 65 to 69 years, you are entitled to a discounted Vallnord lift pass at €17 per day. If you have children aged under six years, or if you are aged 70 years or above, you can get a free lift pass! To take advantage of these discounts present your passport at the lift pass office!

By booking your Vallnord lift pass with you can save time by picking it up from an representative when you arrive or have them delivered to your hotel so you are ready to get straight on the slopes on your first morning.

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Vallnord Lift Pass Prices 2013-14

Here are the prices as advertised by Vallnord. No responsibility can be taken for any errors or changes made by Vallnord. Children are ages 6 to 11 years, teenagers from 12 to 17 years. Click here to open a calendar showing low and high season dates.

Vallnord Lift Pass Prices
Duration Adult (18-64 Years) Junior (12-17 Years) Child (6-11 Years)
High Low April High Low April High Low April
1/2 Day €30.50 €27.50 €23.00 €26.50 €24.00 €20.00 €22.50 €20.50 €17.00
1 Day €39.00 €35.50 €29.50 €33.50 €30.50 €25.50 €28.50 €26.00 €21.50
2 Days €74.00 €67.00 €56.00 €64.50 €57.00 €47.50 €55.00 €47.00 €39.00
3 Days €111.00 €99.00 €82.50 €94.50 €84.50 €70.50 €78.00 €70.50 €58.50
4 Days €146.00 €128.00 €107.00 €123.00 €110.00 €91.50 €100.00 €92.00 €76.50
5 Days €170.00 €152.50 €127.50 €146.00 €130.00 €108.00 €122.50 €107.50 €89.00
6+ Days (per day) €32.50 €29.50 €24.50 €28.00 €25.00 €20.50 €24.00 €20.50 €17.00
10+ Days (per day) €29.25 €26.50 €22.00 €25.20 €22.50 €18.50 €21.60 €18.50 €15.00
6 Days Non-Consecutive €195.00 €168.00 €144.00
12 Days Non-Consecutive €351.00 €302.50 €259.00
0-5 Years FREE
65-69 Years €17.00 per day
70+ Years FREE

To calculate a price for a lift pass you need to know how many high, low or April season days it covers. For example a four day pass covering two high and two low season days would be half a four day high season pass plus half a four day low season pass. If a lift pass is for six days or more, multiply the number of days in high, low or April season by the "6+ Days" or the "10+ Days" price.

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